I’m over 72, and I feel great!

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If you’re not familiar with what the title of this post is referring to, it’s pretty much a joke from the silly jump this guy Roger Teeter does in his commercials that usually gives people a good laugh as seen below…

Pretty silly right? My problem is that I’m not over 72, I’m 37 and I don’t feel great. I’ve been in absolute misery since last Saturday afternoon with a pinched nerve in my neck that has been taking turns alternating between making my left arm numb and my fingertips all pins and needles, and making it hard to breathe in because of shooting pain from the left side of my chest up my neck. It makes for a really miserable work week indeed when when it’s compressed into 3 long work days and you’re hurting the whole time. I’m sure my guys were sick of hearing about it, I know how annoying it can be when someone seems like they are constantly bitching about some ailment, but damn, sometimes I couldn’t think about anything else. Last night I bit the bullet and bought one of those teeter hang ups for $400 bucks from Amazon with my phone while i was still at work in the hope of finding some relief, not just for this current neck thing, but for the more common middle back disk problem that always hurts too. People at work laughed at me and did the “Teeter jump” and got a good chuckle out of it, but my whole problem is that I can’t do the teeter jump that a guy twice my age is doing right now even if I wanted to and that really sucks. I gotta try something, I’ve got 30 more years of work ahead of me and I would like to retire and go do things after that too and I don’t want to spend that time being miserable. Whether that is hanging upside down several times a day in a modern medieval torture device, yoga, stretching, fish oil, whatever… I don’t care.

I’m sad to report that I’ve failed in my daily mile run streak quest. I made it 81 days in a row and averaged 1.62 miles per day during that time but this neck thing brought it to a premature end. I went out Saturday after work and did my mile and haven’t felt that kind of pain in a long time. Sunday came and Jessica asked if I was going out and after a pause the answer was… No. Oh well, not the end of the world I guess. I’ll just get back on the horse again when I’m feeling better. We are 12 weeks out from the Good Life Halfsy that Jessica and I are signed up for so it’s time to start a training plan to get ready for that.

We all went to the Lancaster County Fair last week. Jessica and I could have taken it or left it because it was pretty ghetto as fairs go but it wasn’t for us, it was for the boy and we ended up having a pretty good time. On the way there Alexander was in the back seat rubbing his hands together going “I’m sooooooo exciteddddddddd…..” We ate a whole bunch of crap fair food and Alexander showed that he’s going to be a ride person, unlike me. He rode some roller coasters with mom and was grinning so big that I thought his smile was going to touch his eyeballs. I was going to go with him too on one of the roller coaster rides but it turned out that going on the ferris wheel gave me motion sickness and I didn’t feel well after that. I know… THE FERRIS WHEEL??? Yes, I got sick after riding the ferris wheel. Lame. I can’t help it, I’ve got inner ear problems and I get motion sickness from it. It’s a genuine medical condition, stop making fun of me! Here’s a few pictures from the fair.

Time flies.

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I’m seven days into my short notice vacation and it seems like it is going way way too fast. I’ve got 3 days of time off left before I have to go back in into work again. Blehhhhh…. Only 10,156 days until retirement according to the countdown timer here on my desk. Jessica just got back from her two and a half week or so long road trip filming at a bunch of Midwest region parks and we are glad to have her back. I was pretty busy running around or working for the most part so that made the time go by a bit faster than it would have had I just been sitting around waiting for time to pass so there is that I guess. I’m sure that Jessica will write something about her travels in the upcoming future because it was very productive in many ways. For now she will be busy working and doing editing of all the footage she shot on the trip and hopefully the end result will turn out good.

For the last four days or so we both put work on the back burner and just spent our time hanging out together since it will probably be the only time we will get for that until the Fall when she is off work again and we go on our Fall trip. She got back Thursday night and Friday we went to the lake to do some swimming, it was about the only thing you really could do since the temperature was around a hundred degrees. Pretty good time until I bumped into a turd that a kid pooped in lake right before their family hastily packed up their stuff and departed. Gross. I understand that accidents happen with kids but I as a parent would have removed the poo had it been Alexander who had the accident instead of just leaving it. Apparently Jessica knew that the kid dooked in the water but she didn’t say anything to me until after I had an encounter with it. Next time a little warning would be nice honey.

Saturday happened to be Hickman Haydays, which I had no idea about when I took the time off. Normally we miss it or just plain have no idea that it’s going on until I try to go to the store and it’s closed because of the street dance or we are just at work or something. Having us both off work for it was a nice treat because we got to take Alexander to the parade, which normally I would think would be pretty cool for a kid, but he already happened to be IN a parade in Beatrice when he was at the babysitters not all that long ago so I’m sure it wasn’t as cool as that. We walked from home and sweated like crazy because it was sooo hot again. That might have been the problem when it came to the enthusiasm that the kids had for running out and grabbing the candy, because I was flabbergasted. Candy was just laying out in the street and no one was grabbing it! Back when I was a kid we would almost degenerate into fistfights just to get that last piece of yucky grandma candy that you didn’t really want anyway but most of the kids showed no interest in it. I just didn’t get it… Oh well. After the parade we went to the park where they were having other activities for the Haydays, got ourselves a lunch of overpriced hotdogs, and went to let Alexander go play in the bounce houses where he promptly got launched face first into the ground which ended our Haydays adventure. He’s still skinned up all over his face and stuff but it’s starting to heal.

That’s about all I’ve got for the day, wanted to get something up since it’s been a while and I also wanted to test out the new server that is hosting the web site since I moved it over this week. This gave me the opportunity to try out a new theme to change the look and feel of the place since it’s been the same for a very long time and was feeling pretty stale. I also updatesd the program that runs the pictures on the site and will be adding new content there soon.

Blow’n Town

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Greetings All. Anyone blow off any fingers in celebration of our nation’s independence? Not I…in fact, I don’t think I’ve lit a firework since Andrea nearly blew off her hand and my ear in the mid-80’s. Good times those days were down at the big lake. Harlan County lake for those not in the know.

Some day, when I break my streak of working every 4th of July…it’s been well over a decade now (I’ll take the viewpoint of pride this year in lieu of despair). Anyway, when I break the streak I’ll take my hubs and X to the big lake for a bonafide Fleming 4th. Which should include at least one roman candle falling over and shooting at the neighbors. When I was a kid the neighbors were elderly…but they ran fast.

X had a surprise overnight guest. His cousin V. The boys played and fought like brothers. While I was a work all day, Steve said the boys primarily fought over toys. Which explains why there were toys in odd high places all over the house. It was funny because when V’s folks came to pick him up, the boys parted like English gentlemen. “You can come back anytime,” X said. “I would love to come back, thank you.” V said. Then they hugged. toddlers….

I’m going on an extended work trip in a couple of days. I’ll be gone for about three weeks, with a couple days at home smushed between. I suppose I should be packing and fretting about what to take. But I’m more concerned about having enough audio books to listen to on the drive. Other than that I haven’t given much thought about the trip because I don’t want to feel excited about it, mainly because Steve will be left to fend for himself and the boy…and I feel guilty for leaving. I wish I could experience some of these places with them for the first time. But, I guess I’ll just consider it scouting for future family vacations.

I’ll be traveling to different National Park sites in the region and covering five states, seven or eight parks. The biggest of them all…I think, will be Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Which, frankly, I never knew about until this year….

I believe I’m the right person to be doing this video project for NPS. I mean I’m pretty much completely oblivious to any park outside of the one I work at, which in my mind is an asset. I won’t go into great detail as to what the project is, but I can say I’ve hit a recognition about myself that is paramount. Because at last I’m comfortable with my method. Which I imagine would drive most folks in the video business crazy. Which is much like this – I gather and hoard bulks of media, then take it and throw it at the wall, see what sticks, and go with what feels right. The idea of storyboarding, to me – if I’m the one that has to draw up the storyboard – feels like an anchor, no where to go with the inability to drift. I must have the freedom to let the project unfold realtime. I can produce the desired impact…but how we’ll get there, is unpredictable.

For some crazy reason, the weird and wacky path life has taken me on continues… Which is great. I get wanderlust, and here comes this opportunity. I wish I could pack up the family of course and haul them around with me. But, we’ll make a point to do that in a couple of months hopefully.

So, fingers crossed for good weather. Health and bravery to my hubs, my boy and anyone left in charge of the boy while I’m gone. Here’s to the success of a project I’m totally winging and loving every unpredictable minute of it. And here’s to all the jerky and coffee I’ll be consuming while burning up the miles. Ok, maybe I’m a little excited…but just a little…

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