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The money pit.

So last November we finally decided to get rid of the venerable old purple PT Cruiser that Jessica had had the entire time that we had known each other.  It still ran OK engine wise but I had said the hell with it because despite […]

Realistic expectations.

I’ve been trying to run and to keep myself in shape for roughly 10 years now.  You know, slowing the hands of time and all that and its pretty obvious to me that I’m getting older.  I can go through all my times in my […]

Yep, still alive.

Been a while since I’ve written anything on here.  Let’s see, it’s been just over… 2 years!  Don’t know what really happened with that to be honest with you.  I guess for a long time there I was just feeling so mentally drained at I […]

D.I.N.K. for a day.

I am getting to pretend that I’m a D.I.N.K. again for a few days, you know, dual income, no kids?  Alexander is at grandma and grandpa Flemings place for a few more days.  Jessica’s family had a reunion last Saturday that we went to and […]

“How’d ya do?”

“I won!” I’ve done a couple of races in the last couple weeks which I of course didn’t really win, but that’s what I say when people ask.  In all seriousness I’m extremely happy to finish in the top 50%, but usually don’t.  I’ve gotten […]

Have you ever seen a goose, kissing a moose?

Happy birthday to me!  I actually forgot my birthday was even close to happening until I looked at our electronic calendar about a week and a half ago.  It’s amazing how little birthdays mean the older you get.  At least this year I actually know […]