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Well it’s been a pretty long and stressful week, even longer for Jessica. Long story short, last Friday on the last night of Jessica’s stay at her parents house to keep an eye on her dad while her mom was in California, he fell and hurt himself really bad while riding his lift up the stairs to go to bed. Like really bad, bad enough to need to be life flighted to Kearney. We were afraid that he wouldn’t make it through the injury and emergency surgery because of his poor health, and even if he did we thought there was a good chance that he would lose his leg. Luckily Jessica was there when it happened and was able to help to save his life, unluckily Jessica and Alexander were both there to witness everything.

I got the call when I was already in bed for the night here at home and went to meet her mom at the airport who was getting back on a late flight and knew nothing about it. I grabbed her mom and drove her immediately to the hospital in Kearney, not even waiting for her bag. Then I grabbed Alexander and took him home so he wouldn’t be underfoot and got back around 3:30 in the morning. Everyone was very frustrated over the weekend because we couldn’t find out anything about anything because there was no one there to speak to and even during the week it was hard to find anything out. Everyone’s spirits were raised quite a bit when we found out that he is going to keep his foot and is already starting to heal really well. He’s being even more of a smart ass than he ever was which for people that know him is hard to imagine. It’s going to be a long recovery though, sounds like he will be spending at least 12 weeks at a skilled nursing place in Kearney before he can go home. I just hope he takes it seriously and does all the rehab that they want him to do so that maybe he can get his mobility even better than he was before, maybe lose a little weight and be able to stay living at home as long as possible. Not everyone gets a second chance like this after something as bad as this happens. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY STEPHEN.

Alexander and I are back at home, Jessica is on her way home now, and my brother and sister in law are headed back to Pittsburgh today. Tonight we will be doing trick or treat on the trail, Alexander is very excited that his cousin Vaughn is coming tonight to do that with him and will be spending the night and tomorrow is Halloween. Alexander is going to be a witch, I’ve given up on correcting him and calling it a wizard because he wants to be a witch. Fine, whatever. Thanks to the friends and family who helped with things up at the big lake during this whole thing, thanks to the people who covered for me at work on short notice, and thank you to Tiffany who came and took care of the pets here at home while we were gone. Let’s hope things get back to normal and life goes back to being good again.

All by my lonesome.

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Another day all alone, I’ve had the house to myself all week now since Jessica and Alexander went to help out her dad while her mom is out of town. I don’t know how I managed to live like this for so long because I am so freaking bored right now. When the boy is running around constantly pestering me I would give anything to just have everyone leave me alone so I can putter around a bit or take a nap or something but then when I have all the time in the world to do that it quickly loses its allure. At least I’ve gotten a little bit done this week, got the car all ready to go for our trip in a few weeks by getting new tires put on, oil and various filters changed, fluids checked and added, new wipers. Now it runs like a top again. I also finished up the gutter downspouts since my pieces got delivered that I needed and couldn’t find in town. I was supposedly done with them but I didn’t like how the downspouts looked and changed things up a bit. Plus, I needed to point our drainage water in a slightly different direction so my neighbor couldn’t accuse me of trying to flood their basement. It does what it’s supposed to do because we got a pretty good rain the other day and there was a good solid foot of dry ground around the entire perimeter of the house by the foundation instead of flowing right along the back wall of the house and ruining the basement floor. Now none of the downspouts are putting any water along the back of the house at all, I’ve got it all going away along the sides and away from the house. Now on to the next thing in the long list of things in the joys of home ownership.

I did get to do something fun this week, Dave Chappelle was in town going on tour for the first time in a long time since he quit the Chappelle Show ten years ago. He ended up doing a four day run at the Roccoco Theatre. Unfortunately Jessica couldn’t go with me since she was going to be at her parents place all week. I really wanted to go and I didn’t want to go by myself so I picked up an extra ticket without knowing who would go with me. It’s pretty sad that I don’t really have a go to person to call and do anything with anymore if Jessica isn’t available. I never was the socialite but now that I haven’t drank in like six or seven years and I’m the team leader for the weekend shift and working when everyone else is doing anything my entire limited social network has withered on the vine. Luckily Ed from work was willing to go with me to a relatively expensive show on a Wednesday night. It was a pretty funny show, they had another comedian, Donnell Rawlings open up for Dave, if you ever watched the Chappelle Show you would recognize him as the Ashy Larry or guy guy who yells “I’m riiiich, bitch!” Anyway, they were both pretty funny and it was all material that I haven’t heard before so that was good. The DJ guy that they had playing music trying to pump everyone up in between stuff felt a little awkward because there’s only so much you can do to pump up a bunch of sober white people from Nebraska at seven pm on a Wednesday. I almost felt bad for him. Ed and I did notice a couple VIPs in the front row from our lofty vantage point in the nosebleeds, Nebraska football players K**** B***, A**** A*******, and another player that we couldn’t recognize because we were so far away were front and center. I wonder how broke college kids who aren’t allowed to profit because of their status as an a collegiate athlete came upon some sweet tickets like that? Probably won a radio contest or something… right?

I am Groot.

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Alexander and I went on a little daddy date yesterday and gave mommy some time to herself. We ended up going to Culvers first for lunch which has kind of become a “thing” that we do together without mommy. He really likes going there because we get to share a custard after he’s all done eating his corn dog, applesauce and milk, which is very exciting because he only rarely gets anything like ice cream or sweets so it’s a pretty big deal. After lunch we went downtown for the Tuesday $5 movie day at the Grand, the second week in a row that he’s gotten to go see a movie. Last week Jessica came along too and we went and saw The Boxtrolls which is a kids movie that I hadn’t even heard anything about. Basically it was an old school stop motion animation movie which I didn’t really think they made anymore in today’s world of cheap computer animation. Alexander really liked the movie, I thought it was ok I guess. This week it was just me and the boy so I picked the movie I wanted to go to last week before it went completely out of the theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy, since I heard it was pretty good. It ended up being just a bit too mature for Alexander and I almost lost him in the middle of it because he couldn’t really follow it and it was so long but there was enough flashy action and fighting that he made it through to the end. He played along like he knew what was going on and laughed at the adult humor when everyone else laughed but you know he had no idea what he was actually laughing at. On the way home he declared that he wanted to be Groot for Halloween (the big tree character from the movie that says nothing but “I am Groot”). I of course agreed that that would be fine, knowing that he will forget about it soon enough and we will dress him in the costume that we already paid for that he already picked out, a witch.

Next time I think we will stick to the kids movies aimed more towards his age group because he enjoys it a lot more, even if I don’t. I’m really excited about him finally getting to the age when you can actually take him to fun places and he will actually cooperate and have fun most of the time instead of just having a meltdown. I glad to not have to take bags of crap everywhere anymore too, we spent a whole afternoon out together and didn’t bring anything but a jacket. He pooped and peed at the theater before the movie and didn’t need any special snacks or special drinks in special cups, he just ate and drank what was given to him while we were out. This is a very fun time.

Hey, good news! Jessica and I are going to be an aunt and uncle again, my brother Patrick and his wife Sam are expecting another child! They are due in mid June of next year and that will make three. They had their last kid a week before Alexander was born last time, sorry no kid races between us this time around, I think we will stick with one. I’m already too close to getting Alexander completely out of the house and getting him through college before I’m due to retire, don’t want to have to work until I’m dead to do another one too!

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