Have you ever seen a goose, kissing a moose?

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Happy birthday to me!  I actually forgot my birthday was even close to happening until I looked at our electronic calendar about a week and a half ago.  It’s amazing how little birthdays mean the older you get.  At least this year I actually know how old I am, 38 which is more than I can say for some years.

So I’ve entered Alexander in his very first running race, the Boys Town Memorial Day Run on May 25th.  We’ve been talking with him about entering a race at some point just like daddy does and I’ve been casually looking at some of the kids races that are out there.  I think just about all of the kids runs are a mile long which is just a little too far for him at this point since he isn’t super athletic, so I figured we wouldn’t be doing it all that soon but while looking for races that were being held on days that don’t have to work I came across this one which offers a 400 meter run (about a quarter mile) for younger kids which is just about perfect for his ability level.  He’s pretty stoked about it, getting to wear a race number and getting a ribbon (Maybe a medal?  It was vague) at the end like I got for my races and he wants to go out and do some training runs with me.  In fact he was super pissed that I didn’t take him along when I went out that night, but it was starting to rain and I didn’t have time to get him ready before it started pouring.  I’m glad he’s excited about it, I really hope to get him interested early in it so it can possibly grow into a lifetime love of exercise and good health which is the most precious thing anyone can possess as they get older.  I’m under no illusions that he is going to turn into some sort of elite athlete or anything, the boy can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and seems much more interested in non physical endeavors than he is with running, climbing or any kind of sports which is fine.  I just want to have some fun doing something together and show him some new things.  I’m going to run his race with him and after all the kids races are done I’m going to do the 5 mile race while he hangs out with Jessica.  Hopefully it’s a good experience for everyone.

We did our first official family camping trip on Sunday and went out to Wagontrain State Recreation area a few miles east of our house. We’ve done some yard camping last year which I don’t count because we have electricity and wi-fi and I can go inside to sleep in bed when my back starts to hurt or I’m cold. I checked the weather over and over and over in the days leading up to it, and every time they assured me no rain and nice weather so I traded some time with another guy and took a few hours of vacation so I could get out of work 5 hours sooner than I normally would have and hauled butt down to lake with enough crap to live for a week. We had just enough time to get the tent set up, get the air mattress filled up and cook a batch of hot dogs before a line of heavy thunderstorms rolled through, one after the other until after dark, killing any good time available to do any swimming or exploring or cooking smores which was kind of a bummer. We ended up watching Star Wars Episode 3 on the ipad and being cold and damp the rest of the night. In the morning our plan was to cook breakfast there but it was 48 degrees and we were all cold so we left everything there and drove home and cooked our breakfast on the stove at home. Then we went back out and packed everything up and came home. The tent held up well though, we stayed dry for the most part except in the absolute strongest parts of the storm where we had to hold it up to keep it from collapsing in on us and it snapped a line that was holding the rain shield on and let some water in the window. I think in the future this year we will just do the yard camping again, its a lot more enjoyable and easier and when you inevitably forget something you can just walk in and get it.

I’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument, but I’ve never had the dedication to actually sit down and do the practice that it takes to actually be any good at it.  I’ve had guitars laying around that I noodle around with but I can’t really play anything recognizable much past the skill level of a stirring rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy.  In fact, the cheap acoustic guitar that I had sat around for so long without being touched that it dried out a bit and the bridge pulled itself halfway off and I only just saw it recently, it’s probably been like that for several years.  No use fixing it, I’m just going to toss it since it’s cheap junk anyway.  I did recently get a baritone ukulele with some of the bonus money that I got for working at Duncan for 10 years, it’s been on my want list for some time but not enough to actually spend any money on it.  Since I had a set amount to spend for anything that I wanted on Amazon and I couldn’t get that money in cash I picked one up.  I went with the baritone instead of just a standard uke because it’s just pretty much the same as a standard guitar without the bottom 2 strings so I could switch back and forth to a certain extent without relearning what little I did know.  After toying around with it for a bit I’ve decided that I want a real guitar again so I’m going to save up and use my fun money on purchasing a Little Martin LX1 backpacker guitar.  Jessica is of the opinion that I am super lame for choosing this particular instrument since she is bit of a music snob and only douches use backpackers, but I am of course going to have to disagree with that assessment.  I’m not going to tour with the thing to go play live shows in Nashville, I just want to lay around and plink on it and for that I don’t want the size (or expense) of a higher quality full size guitar.    I may be a douche for using it but she married a douche so she got the worse end of the deal.  Anyway I thought I would share Alexander and I giving our stirring rendition of Down by the Bay.  We’re a little rusty because we hadn’t practiced it at all in a couple weeks so I was not as smooth as I had been when it was fresh.

Everything old is new again.

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I’ve got to tell you, I’m not at all a fan of small babies.  Never have been, probably never will be.  When someone asks if I want to hold their newborn I usually do it, but not because I have any real desire to do it.  Even with my own son I never had a strong urge to sit around holding him or any want to be with him every second of the day like Jessica did (or seemed like she did anyway, she has a very strong protective motherly instinct).  They just don’t do anything interesting to me, all they do is poop and cry and need something that you don’t know what it is 24/7/365.  I just wanted a break from him just for a little bit most of the time.  Just not a baby person and I don’t think I ever will be.  The part that I really do like however is now that he is getting older and is growing, learning, and discovering the world and developing into the person that he will be as an adult.  I really enjoy his naivety to the world around him and I get a great deal of enjoyment out of introducing him to old stuff that was pretty cool back in the day, but is now just boring to most people because everyone has seen it a thousand times.  Lately it’s been Transformers and Star Wars that he’s really interested in.  It’s just fun to sit down and have movie night and watch a series like Star Wars with someone who genuinely has no idea what is going to happen next and is peppering you with questions like a machine gun as you go along because everything that is happening is a surprise.  I love it when he comes up with responses to situations that are totally unexpected and you have no idea if he heard it someplace or came up with it on his own.  It’s just a lot of fun.  I’m glad we have such a good kid, and I’m happy I get to do it again with someone new soon (after the initial little baby stage that I can do without).

Welp, looks like we are getting a major facelift done to the house.  The hail totaled the roof and gutters so we are getting them all redone which is great because the roof was ancient anyway and needed replacing and the gutters looked like dookie because yours truly installed them.  Since we are getting that work done we will be getting new soffit, siding and fascia done at the same time, as well as a new deck on the back and a new garage door.  It will practically be a new looking house (still need some new windows but that will have to wait).  It’s not exactly the best time and doing all this stuff wasn’t really in the plans right now but you’ve gotta take advantage of the insurance money I guess.  Our insurance adjuster for the house just happened to be our neighbor from 2 houses up the street (I didn’t know that’s what he did for a job), and he seemed to be pretty favorable towards us with his estimate of the damage, which I guess was really good karma from having me just the day before cleaning up storm debris from their driveway and street in front of their house (I actually did everyone’s driveways and cleaned up the street for the entire neighborhood).  I could have really done without the damage to my car though.  The estimate on the hail damage for that is just under $4000.  Makes me really want to get the garage cleaned out so I can put the most expensive thing I own other than the house in there instead of protecting stacks of old cardboard boxes and broken junk that needs to be thrown away from the elements.

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Still here

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It’s been 6 months since I’ve put anything on here, I think I’m the last man standing when it comes to writing on a blog, I don’t really know of anyone else other than my mom that actively writes on one any more and she doesn’t write that much on it, I only think she does because she feels guilty because I host the site for her.  Everything goes through Facebook now.  A lot has happened since the last time I’ve written anything on here, I guess the biggest news is that we are having another kid, it’s a boy!  He’s due around the end of August.  We pretty much have the name picked out already, Andrew Xavier Korgie.  The middle name isn’t set in stone yet but I don’t think that it will change at this point.  There wasn’t much of a debate about the name like there was when we were picking Alexander’s name.  Jessica came up with it and I thought that it sounded good and it just stuck.  It was better than the name Alexander thought of, he thought we should name him “Cheek”, but he’s not very good at coming up with ideas for anything, he just says whatever is currently in his line of sight and it’s pretty obvious when he does it.  I don’t know what he will be called for short, Jessica likes Drew, I’m not feeling that, I don’t mind Andy but Jessica hates that (probably because of the Andy the Goose thing from when she was a kid. Her grandfather owned the goose and became somewhat of a celebrity).  I’ll probably just call him D.  I guess it will evolve over time and he will pick what he wants to be called just like Alexander did (he wants to be called just Alexander and not Xander or anything else).

We had a big hail storm come through on Sunday, the car got nailed pretty good, the insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow to see what we will get out of it, got a thousand dollar deductible so I could have done without that expense but since it’s the most expensive thing that we own after the house I guess I will get it fixed.  The home repair ambulance chasers have been out in full force for the last 3 days, they are driving me absolutely crazy.  I said the hell with it and let one go up on the roof and surprise surprise, the roof is totaled!  Well no shit Sherlock, that roof was crap when we bought the place 3 years ago, I don’t think the hail did much that wasn’t already there.  Now really wasn’t the best time to be doing the roof but you have to take advantage of things when they happen I guess and get a little money out of the insurance company while I can, all the neighbors certainly are.  It’s going to be $6200 bucks to get the roof done, don’t know how much the homeowners insurance is going to cover yet, but we are going to just go all out and have them do everything, roof, gutters, soffit, siding, and fascia.  Oh well, it’s a hefty bill but the house will look a lot nicer in the end.  That’s all I’ve got for today, I’ll try to keep things up to date on here with all the goings on with the Korgies.

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