I am Groot.

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Alexander and I went on a little daddy date yesterday and gave mommy some time to herself. We ended up going to Culvers first for lunch which has kind of become a “thing” that we do together without mommy. He really likes going there because we get to share a custard after he’s all done eating his corn dog, applesauce and milk, which is very exciting because he only rarely gets anything like ice cream or sweets so it’s a pretty big deal. After lunch we went downtown for the Tuesday $5 movie day at the Grand, the second week in a row that he’s gotten to go see a movie. Last week Jessica came along too and we went and saw The Boxtrolls which is a kids movie that I hadn’t even heard anything about. Basically it was an old school stop motion animation movie which I didn’t really think they made anymore in today’s world of cheap computer animation. Alexander really liked the movie, I thought it was ok I guess. This week it was just me and the boy so I picked the movie I wanted to go to last week before it went completely out of the theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy, since I heard it was pretty good. It ended up being just a bit too mature for Alexander and I almost lost him in the middle of it because he couldn’t really follow it and it was so long but there was enough flashy action and fighting that he made it through to the end. He played along like he knew what was going on and laughed at the adult humor when everyone else laughed but you know he had no idea what he was actually laughing at. On the way home he declared that he wanted to be Groot for Halloween (the big tree character from the movie that says nothing but “I am Groot”). I of course agreed that that would be fine, knowing that he will forget about it soon enough and we will dress him in the costume that we already paid for that he already picked out, a witch.

Next time I think we will stick to the kids movies aimed more towards his age group because he enjoys it a lot more, even if I don’t. I’m really excited about him finally getting to the age when you can actually take him to fun places and he will actually cooperate and have fun most of the time instead of just having a meltdown. I glad to not have to take bags of crap everywhere anymore too, we spent a whole afternoon out together and didn’t bring anything but a jacket. He pooped and peed at the theater before the movie and didn’t need any special snacks or special drinks in special cups, he just ate and drank what was given to him while we were out. This is a very fun time.

Hey, good news! Jessica and I are going to be an aunt and uncle again, my brother Patrick and his wife Sam are expecting another child! They are due in mid June of next year and that will make three. They had their last kid a week before Alexander was born last time, sorry no kid races between us this time around, I think we will stick with one. I’m already too close to getting Alexander completely out of the house and getting him through college before I’m due to retire, don’t want to have to work until I’m dead to do another one too!

How bout them Huskers?

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Makes you want to pull your hair our don’t they? I actually won the points pickem at work with my pick of 31-24 Michigan St. so I got some points there for the first time this year after coming in 4th a couple times. It’s all for bragging rights and there’s no money involved or anything but you don’t want to get skunked all year long and not get anything because people give you an awful lot of crap for being so bad at picking. As usual I was at work during the game. We were watching the game as much as we could but not long after the 3rd quarter after cussing it up for a good chunk of the first half I said screw it and stopped watching because I was so mad. I turned it on on the radio on the way home just long enough to hear them say the score was 27-3 and Armstrong was going out of the game hurt, in comes Fyfe at quarterback. Ugh… *click*. Here we go again, another embarrassing loss on national television just as we were starting to get into the conversation for national relevance for the first time in who knows how long. I drove the rest of the way home in silence. When I got there Jessica had already had the same idea as me and shut the game off and had gone to bed. I took my shower and petered around a bit and then decided to click the television on to see if they had finally let the clock run out to put us out of our misery. Wha wha wahhhhhttt? They were just showing the replay of a punt return for a touchdown and the score was 27-22, State by 5. What the hell happened? They went from gutless wonders to scoring 3 touchdowns and almost a 4th in the 4th quarter as soon as I turned the television off! Well they didn’t win the game but at least unlike other seasons they didn’t completely fold after they got kicked in the teeth and I guess that’s all I can really ask for. Well I guess I could have asked for a win…

It’s beard season!

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October 1st has finally come and it’s time to start growing the winter beard!  When I was working the overnight shift I always started it September 1st because it gets noticeably colder during the overnight hours sooner than it does for the daywalkers but now that I’m solidly a daytime worker again and have been for around a year and a half I thought it would be best to wait a little longer, at least to the point where it’s starting to get hard to wear shorts to work any more. I don’t know why I look forward to beard season every year because every year after a couple months it bugs the everloving shit out of me until I finally get so tired of the itching and face bedhead that I cut it all off. Not all at once mind you, it always goes in stages. Usually it starts with a botched neckline trim, then it turns to the all around shortening, then usually into a douchebag modified chinstrap beard, then a goatee, then a walrus mustache for a day or so, then nothing. I swear my life is like Groundhod Day sometimes, same thing, over and over, just slightly different.

Speaking of the same thing over and over I’m giving up Facebook… again… for like the fifth time I think. What is it that makes the human mind want to peer into other people’s daily lives and makes it so damn hard to resist? And mostly with people who I wouldn’t want to talk to in real life most of the time anymore too? I wish it was easier to just delete the whole thing but there are many old friends on there that I just don’t want to completely lose touch with. It was ridiculously easy when it came to deleting my MySpace account back in the day. I envy the people I know who have never even made an account. I guess for now I will just settle with deleting the apps off my iPad and phone and not visiting the site anymore. If you need to get in contact with me email me because I won’t be checking Facebook (until I do check Facebook… I guess its like quitting smoking, hard to stop for good).

Things are going pretty well in the Korgie household. Jessica is almost done with her season at the park and is wrapping up the big video project for the National Park Service centennial. It’s a pretty good video so far in my opinion, kinda quirky and fun, I’ll be interested to see everyone’s reaction to it when it goes public, I think people will like it. We’ve had a major breakthrough in the potty training department with Alexander. It seemed like he just wouldn’t cooperate at all, especially when it came to pooping but one day something clicked and he decided that he was going to do it on his own without being asked and since then he’s hardly had any accidents. Most of the time he can make it through the night as well which is great! Every time he goes now though he asks, “Now can I go to school?” because we told him that he couldn’t go to school if he didn’t know how to go to the bathroom on his own. Hard to believe that he could be in kindergarten in less than 2 years if we can do whatever they require to get him in early because he missed the cutoff by a couple weeks for normal admission. I don’t think he will have much of an issue passing whatever tests they have for that, he’s pretty damn smart and well behaved, sometimes he talks like he’s wearing a top hat and a monocle when he’s talking to people and when people have him they usually can’t believe how well behaved he is (most of the time, he’s 3 and nobody is perfect). I need to do better at sitting down with him and working with him though, I slack at that sometimes but he likes to learn. We need to see about getting him into a real preschool next year too because interaction with other kids is something he desperately wants (and needs).

I’ve given up fast food and pop (again). Food is my absolute nemesis when it comes to being healthy. If it’s not good for you and in my reach I stuff it down my stupid gullet. Being at work for every waking minute of the day 3 days a week doesn’t help at all either because the guys always want to eat out and eating takeout always tastes better than the leftovers I have in the fridge. Jessica and I had out health screenings again this year and like always she passed everything with flying colors, couldn’t be better. Me on the other hand… mediocre. Again. If it was just me I wouldn’t have qualified for the good health discounts but we still do because they average you and your spouse’s scores. I actually managed to get my blood pressure down into the good range for the first time since I’ve been doing these screenings but my blood sugar has started to drift upward into the moderate risk range. My good cholesterol is always not good, but now my bad cholesterol is now up too along with my triglycerides. Gotta get things under control because I still have 10,091 days until I retire and I would like to enjoy my life for a little while after that too. If I don’t then it’s my own damn fault for not doing the work it takes.

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