Extraordinarily Ordinary


D.I.N.K. for a day.

I am getting to pretend that I’m a D.I.N.K. again for a few days, you know, dual income, no kids?  Alexander is at grandma and grandpa Flemings place for a few more days.  Jessica’s family had a reunion last Saturday that we went to and Alexander is staying with them for the week to spend…

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“How’d ya do?”

“I won!” I’ve done a couple of races in the last couple weeks which I of course didn’t really win, but that’s what I say when people ask.  In all seriousness I’m extremely happy to finish in the top 50%, but usually don’t.  I’ve gotten a few third place medals, but only on technicalities.  …

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Have you ever seen a goose, kissing a moose?

Happy birthday to me!  I actually forgot my birthday was even close to happening until I looked at our electronic calendar about a week and a half ago.  It’s amazing how little birthdays mean the older you get.  At least this year I actually know how old I am, 38 which is more than I…

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